River Nymph Barefoot Sandals

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Flutter around majestically as your townsfolk’s favorite magical being with River Nymph barefoot sandals! 🧜‍♀️

These rosy pink accessories have a shell and pearl center point. 🐚
The beading is characterized by rose quartz semiprecious stones, pink and white pearls of various sizes, snail shells, white river shell rondelles, multifaceted pink beads, and small pink toe beads.

🌸 Rose quartz supports emotional and relationship healing, inspires tranquility, and compassion! ☺️ ✨

I hope you enjoy!

▫️For circumference: use a string or cord to measure your ankle (above the joint).
▫️For length: use a string or cord and wrap around your second toe to measure from there to the top of your ankle.

🛑 Remember to add .5in to both your final measurements!
I hope you enjoy!