Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to make an item from the shop?
 Depending on the product, it usually takes about one to three days to create a single product.
This is because my business it currently a one-woman show and I create packaging and product by hand, ship, manage, and market everything. Even on top of all of that, I also strive to
make certain they are made to the highest of my
standards (and yours!).
Where Can I Find You?
Allll over the place, haha! 
@heavenlyangelita (for the shop!)
@etherealangelnya (blog and content creation)
@angelitakara (personal for life/random stuff)
Tik Tok:
@heavenlyangelita (for the shop & blog!)
@angelitakara (personal for my shenanigans) 
@heavenlyangelita (for the shop and blog)
@angelitakara (random aesthetic stuff)
@heavenlyangelita (shop and blog)
How Long Does Shipping Take for an Item from the Shop?
I ship all of my products through USPS and use First Class Shipping as my primary mode of shipment, which takes about two to five business days, according to USPS .
Do you accept refunds/exchanges from the shop?
I strive to provide 100% transparency and the utmost
customer care! So, if for whatever reason you are
unsatisfied with a product, contact me and let me know
why you were dissatisfied and provide photos showing
legitimate and reasonable proof (for items
received and notified of request no
later than 7 business days after delivery) and I will refund and/or
accept the exchange of your order
(shipping and handling charges not included).