Our Story


Hey angels! 💫

Heavenly Angelita started with the vision of bringing the most "girly" and feminine things into a more normalized and non-ridiculed spotlight. As an adult that never grew out of things that fall within the Heavenly Angelita style (princesses, cottage core, prairie, sparkles, glitter, coquette, lace, etc.), embracing who I am and feeling comfortable in that became very important to me.
From the time I hit my teens to this very present day, I've been told that I'm too old to be wearing this, doing that, or engaging in xyz activity, when in reality, you're never too old to do anything you enjoy!
I wanted to build a place where loving these things - regardless of age - was commonplace and accepted. But as the world changes and grows with these aesthetics and commune with the likeminded people in these spaces, I find that I'm yearning for more than just general validity.
I wanted everyone that also enjoys these kinds of things to not only be seen and heard in these communities, but accepted as well! This mostly speaking to marginalized people, like: persons of color, of different genders, and of sexual orientations for the sole fact that the people in these communities are often times excluded and under represented.
That's the exact energy and message I want to resonate and permeate through the core of Heavenly Angelita and I sincerely and full-heartedly welcome you with open arms!
Take pride in yourself and what you love - never apologize for being who you are!
 As always, much love, to the moon and back,
stay beautiful,
Nya <3 xo